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Ragnar Adirondacks 2013

This year we headed up north for the Ragnar Adirondacks (ADK) with a larger group – the full 12 person team. It was a nice change from the ultra 6-person layout we did last year and due to an earlier start time (8am) we got to see parts of the course that we had run […]

2013 Boilermaker – Utica NY

This one is a little out of order – after the Niagara Ragnar we went down to Williamsburg, VA for the Rev3 half Ironman relay. However, I wanted to put up this quick post about the 2013 Boilermaker first and get it out of the way – we have a serious backlog of posts! We […]

Niagara Ragnar 2013

As touted, we did a little veni vidi vici of the the Niagara Ragnar – it was a pretty good relay race with a spectacular finish venue. This year we ended up with a team of 7, technically we were not an “ultra” team (6 people or less), but we were still pretty happy with […]

Ontario Ragnar

Our first large race this summer will be the first ever “international” Ragnar – the race is actually named the Ontario Ragnar; it starts in Coburg, ON, follows the northern and western side of Lake Ontario, and finishes up at Niagara Falls! Although we aren’t running this as an ultra team, we have kept the […]

First Race Of 2013

Let’s start things off with a bang! For the first race of 2013, I came in 3rd overall (and 3rd in the men’s “division”) while Jeney took things up a notch and came in 1st in the women’s! Ok, now to bring this back down to reality – we did do a race, but it […]

Winter is here – time to get running again!

After a pretty intense summer and fall of running, which included an ultra Ragnar relay and a full marathon, we have definitely had a tough winter – several missed weeks of exercise and the general malaise that comes with a cold winter. Jeney, as mentioned here, has had some issues with her knees but as […]

UPDATE: Running injuries…

Well, I did it. I ran 5 miles! To be honest (and I know you are holding me accountable), I shouldn’t have run the last half mile (uphill and will an awareness of my knee). But that being said, I ran the most I’ve be able to since October.┬áThe weather was bleak, cold (in the […]

Running injuries and icing

As promised, I’m here to update you on the recovery portion of my marathon injury! As a quick refresher: I ran a marathon and managed to injure my knees pretty badly. I took a week off from running (at least more than a mile), but when I tried to run an “easy” six mile run […]

Post-Marathon Update!

It seems to have been a bit since I’ve last blogged. Goodness gracious that will not do! :/ As Adam mentioned earlier, we completed our first marathon! He did a wonderful job describing the before and after marathon-ness, and hinted that I might share my story. So here goes… My goal was to run the […]