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UPDATE: Running injuries…

Well, I did it. I ran 5 miles! To be honest (and I know you are holding me accountable), I shouldn’t have run the last half mile (uphill and will an awareness of my knee).

But that being said, I ran the most I’ve be able to since October. The weather was bleak, cold (in the low twenties) and snowy (stab me in the eye with floating ice crystals). It still was a fantastic run. I had a goofy grin stretching across my face and probably looked like I was running from my keeper, giggling the whole time.

My knees are nowhere near recovered, but this is progress. I appreciate seeing an upward trend because I’m tired of feeling incapable of running. I used to get these horrible envy moments, where I almost would get angry at seeing other runners pounding pavement. I think it was pretty unhealthy, and certainly led to some introspective moments for me.

Now things are looking up. I’m looking into expanding a little bit from running into swimming and cycling. I am still planning on running (hark Boilermaker 15k and Niagara Ragnar!), but will not pursue much more run-training than that. I’ve taken up swim “lessons” from a very good friend and life-long swimmer, Kaleigh (I still plow the water and “breathe in” water *sputter* *sputter*). I’m also cycling in a Half-Ironman Relay this summer (Adam is running and our friend Sam is swimming). The real bike-training will start in a few weeks, when the weather warms up and I can ride without fear of ice and snow. Hopefully, my knees will cooperate.

Until then, I’m still paying special attention to the signals coming from my knees. Right now, I feel like I should stretch my legs almost constantly. I guess my knees want movement??

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