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Ontario Ragnar

Our first large race this summer will be the first ever “international” Ragnar – the race is actually named the Ontario Ragnar; it starts in Coburg, ON, follows the northern and western side of Lake Ontario, and finishes up at Niagara Falls! Although we aren’t running this as an ultra team, we have kept the team size to 7 so that we can still fit in one van and get a decent amount of miles.

Ragnar Ontario map


Our group has had several injuries, but everyone is healthy for the most part. Part of the decision to not run the ultra was based on recovery from injuries and wanting to run with more friends. In addition, the week after the Ontario Ragnar we are all headed down to Williamsburg, VA, for a half ironman triathlon relay. I think we made the right choice when decided to take our miles down a little bit before the triathlon relay!

A few things that we have picked up from the last few group races:

  • Garbage bags work fine for dirty clothes, but when you have several people in the van you end up with a ton of crap spread all over the place. This time we’re going for a large plastic storage bin with a snap on top. Garbage bags inside of that are optional. It’s basically a communal clothes hamper. Still haven’t decided who gets the disturbing job of opening it once we get to our VRBO house rental (this place is awesome!) to dump it all into a washer…
  • Speaking of VRBO rentals…VRBO continues to provide great places to stay for us when we travel in groups of more than three or four. We end up staying in nice places that are fully furnished and are usually in a great part of the town / country / etc. The prices are great as a group – we haven’t had a “bad” rental yet. Also, VRBO doesn’t take a cut from the owners (Air BnB does) so the owners like it as well.
  • We are limiting group food to the basics. The last few races we have gone all out and ended up with a weird, and large, assortment of food. While not a bad thing, it was just a lot of food that didn’t always work for the entire group. This time around we’ll be getting basics like bananas, bread, beef jerky, swedish fish (?!?), and some others, while we all will go out before and buy the things we want but others may not enjoy (yogurt, pita bread, etc).

We are working on our team shirt designs and will hopefully have them finalized in a week or so – some good stuff going on here…I’ll wait to show off some pics until we can get a group picture.

Also, if you are running the Ontario Ragnar, leave us a comment and say hello! Hopefully we can make some more new running friends on this trip up north.

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