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What’s in your bag: Trail running edition!

“What do you bring on a 6-mile run?” “How in the world can you run for four hours without eating?” (quick answer: I eat) “How much water do you drink?” I’ve been asked these questions (and many others: e.g. “are you nuts?”) over the course of my spring training. Many of the answers to those questions […]

Manitou’s Revenge Race Report

Holy cow. HOLY COW! I can’t believe it is over! I’ve been prepping for so many months, and that day has passed! And I’m still alive (and – dare I say it – I can look back and say I loved it)! Pre-Race First, the lead up to the race: I’ve only completed ONE 50-miler […]

Early Winter Running

There’s times when it is just cold and wet. And then there are times when it is just cold and wet, in the Northeast. It seems to be a special cold and wet – much more cold (and wet) than in other places. Yesterday we were planning on a 10 mile trail run on nearly […]

Our First Triathlon – Tri For The Y Ithaca

This is one for posterity…better late than never! Our first triathlon was a modified Sprint distance that was sponsored by the local YMCA. This was a great first tri – less than 100 entrants, indoor swim, and a local course. It was a lot of fun and we had several friends also complete this triathlon. […]

Thom B. Trail Run 2014

A couple weeks back I went out towards Greek Peak to the Hammond Hill Forest area for the Thom B. 2014 trail run. Jeney and I had previously run this course 2 years back – but this time I wanted to try doing 2 loops for a combined 26 kilometers (~15.75 miles). The people that […]

Down South For 2014 Ragnar Trail Atlanta

Earlier this year we decided that trying a trail Ragnar was near the top of our list for events we wanted to do this year. Luckily, our friend Kaleigh felt the same – although I think a large part of it was her obsession with completing races in all 50 states, and Georgia had not […]

Syracuse Half Marathon 2014

This past weekend, on March 23rd, we headed up north a few miles from Ithaca for the Syracuse Half Marathon. Several months ago we though, “hey – this would be a great spring time season opener run!”. We couldn’t have been more wrong… We woke up at 6am to blowing snow and icy roads – […]

Florida Keys Ragnar 2014

It’s been awhile since we last posted. Have we stopped running? Have we stopped eating yummy things? NO! What has been going on is life in general and the cold weather in Ithaca – although we’ve been running, it’s been snowing, windy, and just generally cold for the last 4 months. That won’t stop us […]