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Winter is here – time to get running again!

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After a pretty intense summer and fall of running, which included an ultra Ragnar relay and a full marathon, we have definitely had a tough winter – several missed weeks of exercise and the general malaise that comes with a cold winter. Jeney, as mentioned here, has had some issues with her knees but as of this last weekend is able to run 5 miles! I’m just getting into the swing of things again and getting motivated to get back into good shape and run some great races this summer.

Speaking of…

We are entering a half ironman relay triathlon in Williamsburg, VA. Jeney is the biker, I’m the runner, and Sam, a friend of ours, is the swimmer. We’re looking forward to getting a taste of a real triathlon without having to take on the full distance all at once.

The weekend after the relay triathlon we will be doing the Niagara Ragnar – I believe it is the first “international” Ragnar! Really looking forward to doing this race in particular, mostly because there will be other teams from the area, and Ragnar races are always a good time. We are also reserving a big house for a couple of days near the finish line so that we can relax and hang out. The place we stayed at after the Adirondack’s Ragnar was awesome, but we were bummed that we only had the one night there. This time we’ll give ourselves a full day to enjoy the place!

As we’re getting back into the swing of things, we are going to give the Paleo diet a shot. We both have reasons for wanting to give it a try and I’ll be happy to report back with how things are going in a few weeks. We intent to keep it pretty “by the book” for a couple weeks and then introduce the foods that are healthy, but for whatever reason are not typically included. We want to eat well and feel good, not recreate the caveman lifestyle! The biggest item for me right now is rice. I love rice. A lot.

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