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Moving Completed!

We started our move on Saturday afternoon this past weekend – we ended up setting a new moving time record for ourselves. We went from first box out the door to last box unloaded at the new place in two hours! That was great and we really owe our friends a big thank you! We […]

Running Gear, Odds And Ends

Now that we are getting into the actual distance portions of the marathon training I’m thinking that some gear additions might be a good idea. I generally like to keep things as simple as possible, but between the heat and humidity in Ithaca, and upstate New York in general, and some ideas I’ve had lately, […]

Cleaning An Above Ground Pool

We closed on our house and got the keys yesterday! Hooray for us! We’re looking forward to a great summer at the new place – but we have got some work to do! The pool is pretty disgusting – it is really, really, really dirty. I pulled the cover off the top and discovered our […]

The Little Things Add Up

The little things: taking the stairs instead of the elevator opening the door yourself (instead of going through the automatic one) walking around the block after a meal standing for short coffee breaks taking walks in the middle of the day do five push ups when no one is looking 🙂 parking at the back […]

I get by with a little help from my friends

Moving can be stressful, painful, and in general, not very fun. Or it can be relatively painless, quick, and at least somewhat fun. We have a few ways of making moving something that we don’t really dread. We tend to live with less “things” than most people (when considering a grad student + a full […]

Passive Income Generation

Passive income generation has been something on my mind lately. I’m fairly happy as an optical engineer and only 2 years out of school with a graduate degree. However, I know that I want to end up doing “something else” with the majority of my time. I’d be happier as a part time consultant (who […]

Laboratory For Laser Energetics

I am in Rochester, NY, for the week attending a thin films seminar (excitement! intrigue!) and had a chance to take a tour of the Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE). The LLE was established back in 1970 as a center for investigation of intense radiation interaction with matter – really big lasers focused down to […]

How To Throw A Party…On The Cheap!

We look forward to throwing a party at our place, and we think we even know how to throw a party pretty well! However, sometimes we can’t pull out all of the stops and go totally overboard on spending. Ok, ok, usually we don’t go totally overboard, but there are certainly times when we want […]

Workouts On The Road

Over the past few months there has been more travelling for work. This always brings challenges from eating out a lot, after hours drinking with business associates, and finding the time and place to work out. For myself, it comes down to just making the time and getting creative if need be. Like any other […]