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The Little Things Add Up

The little things:

  • taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  • opening the door yourself (instead of going through the automatic one)
  • walking around the block after a meal
  • standing for short coffee breaks
  • taking walks in the middle of the day
  • do five push ups when no one is looking 🙂
  • parking at the back of the parking lot
  • etc

If there’s one thing I can stand behind for healthy living, it is doing the small things. You can do whatever you want (run, row, bike, dance) to lose weight or stay in shape. After a day of finding “little things” to do, I feel more accomplished and know that I did more than the average day to stay healthy. It gives me an excuse to keep my body healthy, to have an extra cookie and not feel guilty or to feel that delicious tingle in your muscles after some quick intensity. But what really makes me happy is being able to do the little things.  After getting in better shape, the little things are easier to do.

But the quick message is that all those little things add up. You can take any moment you want during your daily routine, and turn it into a mini-boost for your health.

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