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Workouts On The Road

Over the past few months there has been more travelling for work. This always brings challenges from eating out a lot, after hours drinking with business associates, and finding the time and place to work out. For myself, it comes down to just making the time and getting creative if need be. Like any other time, if you want to find an excuse to not workout, you can! I’ve rarely had to resort to doing just burpees in the hotel room; generally you can look around on Google maps and find a safe route to run or a track nearby. If I’m pressed for time I’ll use the hotel gym if there is one available – usually 30 minutes or so on an elliptical or bike is enough to work up a good sweat and get the kinks out from travelling.

The general routine I try to follow while travelling is based around running and making use of the machines at the hotel. If I have one day I will get out and run a few miles, I like to check the area out as well as log in a few miles. If the stay extends beyond one day I typically switch back and forth between runs and 30 – 45 minute workouts (1/2 or more cardio).

Today I found myself at a Sleep Inn in Texas. It has been a pleasant surprise – the room is very nice and the gym, while small, had water, towels, and a TV. Although I didn’t bring my swimsuit there was also an indoor pool and hot tub. Not bad for an $89 – $99 per night hotel.

Sleep Inn Hotel Room, Texas

Now that the post flight workout is complete it is time to relax for a few before going out and getting some of those calories back in me in the form of Tex Mex and margaritas!



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