Eat Drink Run Play!

Author: Jeney

My name is Jeney, I'm a biophysics graduate student working with x-rays and proteins that likes to eat, drink, run, and play!

Flag Football Champions!

For three years the Annihilation Operators (FKA Bad News Bears) have battled ferociously against the intramural-referee-populated (is that even fair?!?!) Llamas Going Bananas. But this year, THIS YEAR, we conquered the mighty incumbent pigskin-launching Llamas.   The game was not without its usual high-tension drama, from both sides. Tempers went red on both sides. Their quarterback was a […]

Post-Marathon Update!

It seems to have been a bit since I’ve last blogged. Goodness gracious that will not do! :/ As Adam mentioned earlier, we completed our first marathon! He did a wonderful job describing the before and after marathon-ness, and hinted that I might share my story. So here goes… My goal was to run the […]

Beef: locally raised!

It would be an understatement to say that we love barbecuing, and we decided a year ago to try locally-raised, hormone-free organic beef. The cow we get our steaks from lived about five miles away from us on a large farm, was raised off of grass grown around our town, and was not fed any nasty antibiotics or […]

Om Nom Pot Roast Recipe

In our order of farm-raised beef, we got a “beef top round roast” chunk of meat. I’m not very experienced with “top round” roasts, and don’t have a big stockpile of mouth-watering recipes for it either…. so I took to the internet! I found this gem: Slow Cooker Tender and Yummy Round Roast I’m (at […]

The Little Things Add Up

The little things: taking the stairs instead of the elevator opening the door yourself (instead of going through the automatic one) walking around the block after a meal standing for short coffee breaks taking walks in the middle of the day do five push ups when no one is looking 🙂 parking at the back […]

Nike+ FuelBand

As I was reading Adam’s posts from this week, I noted that he mentioned that I might make a post about the Nike+ FuelBand. So here it is! A little back story: Adam and I are a little techie. We like gadgets (we even build our own and are dreaming about running our house on microprocessors)! OOOooo shiny! […]

Ithaca-Baked Haddock (or Seattle-Baked Halibut)

In a previous post, Adam hinted at me sharing a recipe for “faux halibut”. 1) There is nothing “fake” about this dish! 2) Ok fine, I didn’t actually use halibut, but it seems that it is a delicacy over here on the East Coast. For those lucky folk on the West Coast who have halibut […]

Oh My Goodness….Your Shoes Have Toes!

Ah, I still giggle a little bit when I get weird looks, double-takes and exclamations about my shoes. Yes folks, I wear toe shoes. And yes, I love them! I heard about them years ago, and on my birthday in 2010, I got the courage to try them out. Two years later, and I’ve changed […]