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Life is short…so I painted him a surprise!

This past weekend, Adam flew to Denver to spend some time with his sister, brother-in-law and mother. I absolutely love family time, and I knew he was very excited to spend time with them.

But I had other plans…

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a cool picture of a girl holding a sign. I found that the words had a lot of meaning for me, and it reminded me a lot of what Adam and I hold so dearly: life is simple, enjoy it! Fast forward a month or so and I saw this on facebook.

I knew immediately that I wanted to have this in my house. I also knew that I wanted to do this for Adam, to have a “simple” reminder (which also doubles as a decoration) of our motto. And I had to surprise him (I love love love giving Adam surprises).

I had known for weeks that he was going to be gone from Thursday night until Monday afternoon. So I planned to make this happen while he was gone. I contacted an artist friend of mine for ideas how one goes about making a wall mural out of a poster I found online. She suggested I use an overhead projector. So I did.

The overhead was printed out directly from the website, and taped to the projector.

I painted the wall behind the words “Roasted Squash” (squee! orange!) and bribed a group of my friends over with beer and wings to help me tape the wall, cut out the letters and paint.

We taped off a section and projected the image onto the tape. Using X-Acto knives, we cut out EACH letter. I have amazing friends!
A full shot of the whole set-up. The room warmed up to over 85 degrees while working due to the projector and working women…but it was a blast! I believe this was taken shortly before 10pm on Sunday. We’d been working since Saturday afternoon on the letters….













All the letters are cut out and we are ready to paint! It took us nearly 30 hours ( and a couple of Band-Aids) to get all the letters cut out. But we did it!
Finally painted two layers of dark grey paint over the letters. This only took about an hour 🙂












By this time, it was 1am and Adam would be arriving home in 15 hours. We were giddy and a bit delusional, but ready to be done with this project. All we had to do was paint over the tape-mask and peel off the tape to reveal the manifesto.

So we peeled (carefully) all the tape off of the wall and admired our work…



In just over 50 hours and with the help of my AWESOME friends, I transformed our dining/living room wall!

When Adam got home, he was stunned into a long moment of (open-jaw) silence, followed by an exclamation of shock. It got very emotional for us from there and some tears were shed in happiness.

Life is short, so I painted him a surprise. I love this man, and I can’t tell you how awesome it was to see him beam with happiness, joy and love. I definitely surprised him and I’m so happy with how the wall turned out and his reaction. I read it nearly everyday now, and continue to be amazed that it actually worked and looks as awesome as it does. Our home is becoming more “ours” with every fun project!


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