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2016 Early Running Plans

Well, it’s now March and it’s time to take a serious look at the year – at least for running and travels.

We don’t have as many plans for 2016, although part of that is due to Jeney being wrapped up, for good reason, in completing her PhD work. Another reason is the uncertainty of what our time will look like after that is done (July / August timeframe).

So, we’ve planned out what we want to do until that point and will probably take a look at some races (like the Ragnar ADK) for the fall once we’ve actually hit the summer.

Right now, it looks like this:

  • April 16Breakneck Point Trail Marathon. Jeney took 2nd in women’s last year, I’m just going to try and complete the marathon distance this year after taking a bad fall on my ass during the 25k in 2015. Great race and really looking forward to getting out there again.
  • April 24Seneca7. 7 runners, 77.7 miles, 7am! It’s been on my Finger Lakes bucket list for a few years and our friend Taz got a team together. We’ll be bicycling when we’re not running – should be a blast. The only concern is that this is the day after TAP NY (which we will be at!).
  • June 18Manitou’s Revenge Ultramarathon. 54 miles near Phoenica, NY. 15,000 feet elevation gain. This will be Jeney’s second run through and my first…excited, and a bit nervous. This is the one that gets us out on the trails, or road, during the winter!

That’s about it for now. We’ve got several others that depend on timing and other plans (weddings, travels, all that sort of thing). A few more that we’re looking at:

  • June 4 – Cayuga Trails 50 – We use this route as a training run year round. Since it’s close to Manitou’s Revenge date-wise we might opt for the marathon instead of the full 50 miles.
  • July 2 – Finger Lakes 50’s. A fun local race that I did for the first time last year (50k) in some insane mud.

We’ll also be doing volunteering at local races like the Skunk Cabbage half marathon, the Gorges half marathon, and several others.

In addition to the single runs, we’re going to be looking for an opportunity to put together a team for a Ragnar Trail – perhaps an ultra team? We love hitting the trails, and the Ragnar Trail events are a great way to enjoy some trail running and have a good time with friends for a couple of days. The last one we did was Ragnar Trail MA¬†and we had a blast with 3 teams from Ithaca!

Finishing the Ragnar Trail MA 2015

What are you running this year?

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