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Agava Restaurant – Ithaca, NY

We stopped by Agava on a Wedensday night and had a great surprise – a new┬árestaurant┬áin Ithaca with good service and great food!

We went in around 7pm and while it was busy it wasn’t too crowded, always a nice thing. We put our names in and were told it would be about 10 minutes and that we could wait on their benches or head to the bar. The bar it was! We grabbed a few beers and had a seat at one of the open tables in the bar area.

agava restaurant ithaca

After about 10 minutes one of the hostesses came up and took us to our seats out on the back patio. They did a really nice job with this area, a large portion of it is corvered with a tight cloth tarp and surrounded by a high painted fence. The seats and tables were spread out nicely – we weren’t bumping elbows with the table next to us.

So – the food! We ended up getting the following:

  • Guacamole & Chips: great guacamole, almost as good as homemade and much better than most restaurants
  • Pulled pork soft tacos: really tasty pork, very soft, and good salsa on top. Going to have these again…
  • Beer battered catfish tacos: well done battered fish tacos – very good flavor and not just a “fish and slaw” soft taco.
  • Wood fired pizza: our friend had the pizza and I can’t remember what the toppings were…just that it was as good as everything else! Not the most insightful review, but I would consider grabbing one when we go back.
  • House margarita: tasty, cheap, and cold – it passed all of my tests for a good house margarita! I think Viva’s might have a run for it’s money in the margarita department.

Prices were really reasonable and the service was great – we’re going to be hitting this place up much more in the future!

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