Tap and Mallet Pub Review

Yesterday I had the evening to myself so I set out to check out some more of Rochester. I only have a few days left, so I figured I should find a good place to get a beer. Letting Yelp guide me after looking for a bar with decent ratings, I came across the Tap and Mallet and several reviews went on and on about their beer selection – how could I say no?!?

The Tap and Mallet Bar

The Tap and Mallet Bar in Rochester, NY

I showed up around 5:30pm on a Wednesday and went right in; the place was fairly empty, which was actually too bad. The layout of the place is meant to accommodate large numbers of people: lots of open space, large bar length, seating outside. I got the feeling that it would have been more fun if it was actually a little bit crowded, which I have a hard time believing I’m saying – I generally go for the more relaxed atmosphere. I think that it could have used a little bit of background noise to help set the mood. Anyways, on to more important issues like beer!

Beer selection – outstanding!

Number of taps – pretty good! I estimate about 30 beers on tap.

Bottle selection – Really good! I didn’t count, but the menu was about 4 pages front and back…so probably at least 125

Availability of said beers? Not too shabby, I ended up drinking a local IPA and then moving on to the Duchesse De Bourgogne which they had in bottles. Sadly they showcased a bottle of Pliny over the bar but did not have any on hand.

Duchesse De Bourgogne at the Tap and Mallet

Duchesse De Bourgogne at the Tap and Mallet

What I like about the Tap and Mallet

  • Huge selection of beer
  • Fast service at the time I was there
  • Nice place, funky feel to it


What I didn’t like so much about the Tap and Mallet

  • Seemed a little empty, even for a weeknight – is there somewhere better nearby?
  • Bartenders seemed busy interfacing with themselves and their friends, service didn’t suffer, but it was a bit odd
  • A bit of a hipster feel to it – but hey, that’s just my take!

I would definately go back to the Tap and Mallet when I’m back in Rochester. I think it would be a great place to go hang out with a few people that also want to have some exceptional beers. They talk up their pub fare on the website, I didn’t have a chance to try it but would certinaly give it a shot the next time around.

Thanks for the good beers Tap and Mallet!


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