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Nike Plus Site Update

I was in for a nice surprise this morning after my run – when I plugged in my watch to my computer there was a Nike Plus update! I’ve been wondering when they were going to do this, it has seen some incremental updates over the past years, but was in need of a revamp. I haven’t had a chance to get used to it yet, but I’ve already noticed several things that I like:

  1. The site colors are better (subjective, but I like the black and white better than all of the orange that it used to have)
  2. When you log in you are taken to the “Dashboard” that shows you the most recent run and has easy access to recent runs, tells you your total mileage, and has a ribbon across the top to access info not shown on this page. Check out the picture below for a shot of the new Nike Plus Dashboard.

    Nike Plus Dashboard
    The New Nike Plus Dashboard
  3. The “Activity” tab shows your runs grouped by time. This was always a few clicks away in the old system and is now front and center. Well done Nike! Also, it doesn’t start with month – mine was set to weekly (shows runs done for this week), which I like. As always you can set it to be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. See the picture below for the Activity page.
    Nike Plus Activity Page
    The new Nike Plus Activity page

    We both have used different watches (that’s a whole different post) and so far like the Nike SportWatch with GPS after about 6 months of use. What I have liked about the Nike setup since I had a Sportband in 2009 was the ease of use. Go for a run, plug it in, and your run pops up with your distance, a graph, mile paces, etc.

    Not that there weren’t any issues with the site, but it needed some help – I’m glad to see that Nike has updated it and continued to work on the user friendliness of it. It looks like almost everything I need to see is within a click or two now.

    Also, they appear to be pushing the integration with the new FuelBand – Jeney can talk about that sometime. She has had hers for about 2 months and likes being able to track her daily activity level.

    If you are in the market for a GPS watch or other tracking device I would seriously consider going with Nike. Their main limitation right now is that the fine grain control of the data isn’t as good as other’s products (Garmin) and they focus on running to the exclusion of swimming and biking. If you do a lot of running and enjoy a clean interface with the info you need automatically displayed for you this is a pretty good system.

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