Great Breakfast In Ithaca – Coal Yard Cafe

Last weekend, while Jeney was still recovering from pneumonia(!), the rest of our regular running group ventured out into the 10-ish degree weather in Ithaca and ended up having a good run. I ended up copying a friends route that added a few miles and was happy to finish up with just over 12 miles. Considering the weather and the artic wind blasting me in the face for the first 2 miles I was really looking forward to a good breakfast.

9 times out of 10 we go to one of the Ithaca Bakeries, which is one place I will really miss when we move. That said, the run organizer this week found a new spot for us to try – and ended up taking us to one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in Ithaca!

The Coal Yard Cafe in Ithaca is a small building (converted house?) with 4-5 tables and a few chairs around a gas fireplace. In the adjoining room they have the register and a large cooking area that is fully visible by the customers. On this cold day it was a warm escape from the outdoors and a welcome ‘homey’ environment.

An Awesome Breakfast Burrito

After asking for an estimate of the size of their breakfast burrito and getting a response via hand signals that looked like a small milk jug I was hooked – breakfast burrito it was! I think I made a pretty good choice 🙂

breakfast burrito coal yard cafe ithaca


It was delicious and filling – two great qualities after running 12 miles! The others ordered a range of breakfast sandwiches (really more like sandwiches than most places – bread instead of english muffin or biscuit) and omelettes.

We’ll be going back, that’s for sure – the waffles need to be tested and tasted! For science of course…

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  1. Veronica

    I can confirm the deliciousness of the breakfast burrito, having also ordered one 🙂 And I second your comment on the waffles…

  2. Adam

    It’s too bad the second time was a bit of a let down…guess they were too busy.

    I guess I’ll have to go back again to see how good it really is 😛

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