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Adirondacks Ragnar Relay Prep

The clock is ticking towards the 2012 Adirondacks Ragnar – we’ve been getting our mileage up in preparation for this race, and for the Green Mt marathon a few weeks after the relay.

It has been pretty warm for our long Saturday runs and that has definitely been affecting me. Although we are good about setting out water on the routes and taking some along on a belt, when the temperatures get about 75 F or so I really start suffering. Last week it was in the 80’s on our run and I had a hard time after getting to about 8 miles (of a 14 mile run – fun!). At that point I needed to alternate walking and jogging – I’m not sure that’s a great sign when you’re training to go 26+ miles, but it was the only way I was getting done with that run. I’ve got some reading and investigating to do; I really don’t know how people train and deal with this in a practical way. The upside is that I’m not planning on doing any races in this type of weather – it should be much cooler and less humid for both our Ultra Ragnar and the marathon.

We’ve gotten a great place to stay (thanks Jeney!) that is close to the finish line and has….wait for it…a hot tub! Really looking forward¬†to spending a day relaxing after the race. We are also going with one large rental van instead of borrowing a mini-van, it will be interesting to see how this works out. We recruited a friend to be our driver, so we will have 6 runners and the driver all together in one van.

saranac lake rental for ragnar
Back porch view from the Ragnar rental


This week we are going to choose legs to run. The race recently changed slightly (leg distances had slight changes) and we updated our own spreadsheet that we keep for comparing distances and total elevation change. It now looks like we will have runs varying from 27 to 38 (!) miles with lots of elevation change. I’m looking forward to this race – getting through it will be a real accomplishment for me and the distance, while intimidating, will be pretty awesome to have under my belt.

More to come!


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