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Getting Past the Slump in Running

Everytime I let my running slide (vacation, post-race, etc), there is a barrier to getting back “in the swing of things”. I find every excuse I can to chop my runs short, run a little bit slower than my average pace, or just cross-train instead. Don’t get me wrong, post-race slumping is natural and your body needs that rest. But…..I went from running six miles daily (in training for my half), to dreading running four on a mid-week day. I felt pretty lame, and honestly pretty tired. How in the world did I manage 24-28 miles a week? So here’s the deal:

There’s no easy way to come back. You just have to push yourself.

It takes putting your shoes on in the morning and getting out the door. Here are a few hints to help:

1) If you run in the morning, put your running clothes and shoes right by your bed (hopefully they are mostly clean). That way, you can simply put them on and get out the door when you wake up. If you run in the afternoon or evening, put your clothes and shoes within eyesight of when you first step inside. Keep it a constant reminder that you need to get out the door!

2) Tell someone you are running. I tend to tell people that I’m going to run, just to keep myself accountable. Likely, they ask me how my run went after I came back, and I tell them! “I felt sluggish, but I pushed through!”

3) Set a time and stick to it. Don’t let yourself “snooze”. Get to it!

4) I feel amazing after a great run. Ok……. it takes about ten minutes, and I usually need to stop sweating and breathing hard, but THEN I feel like I can own the world. 🙂 Remind yourself that when it is over, you will feel great!

I have a motivational video I watch from time to time, that reminds me how great I can be. Sometimes that helps, and I get pumped to get back into shape. Sometimes, I just need to get out on the pavement. But whatever helps you feel like you can do anything you set your mind to (a certain somebody listens to Rock Lobster), do it!

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