Eat Drink Run Play!


We are two people that really love eating, drinking, running, and playing! We both bring a unique take to all of these topics and enjoy sharing them with others. We usually end up at the same conclusions, but we rarely take the same path.


Adam Moody is an optical engineer with a Master’s degree in Applied Physics. He is currently working with thin films technology and website development / optimization in Ithaca, NY, and in between eating, drinking, and running, stays busy with consulting for sales funnels.

Jeney Wierman is a biophysics graduate student at Cornell in Ithaca, NY. She works primarily with protein structure analysis through the use of synchrotron generated x-rays. As you can imagine, this takes up a bit of her time. So currently she is only training for long distance trail ultramarathons, trying to help figure out how to rebuild a flooded basement, and attempting to keep a vegetable garden under control.